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Better Living Through the Internet

I ♥ the Internet. What did we ever do without it? I know I managed, but it’s hard to remember how. Even though it’s been around for years, and gets handier, if spammier, all the time, sometimes I just have to stop and think “Wow, I’m glad I have this.”

I’ve been playing with my blog again, after abandoning it for ages, and I was thinking that I’d like to try blog-posting software again, this time I’m going to try MarsEdit. So, I’m thinking that posting software is cool, but there are some features in WordPress that aren’t part of the normal interface between the posting software and the blogging software. In particular, I’m talking about the post slug feature, which allows you to specify something other than the title of the post to use as part of its URL.

So, on a whim, I entered ‘marsedit wordpress slug’ in Google, and lo and behold, the very first result was for a WordPress plugin called Slugger+. It allows you to put the slug inside a custom tag, then when it’s posted, Slugger+ pulls it out and stores it in the right place inside WordPress. E-x-x-x-cellent.

Now with WordPress!

I moved from MovableType to WordPress. I am no longer syncing entries to LiveJournal. I am experimenting with syncing in LiveJournal, so anyone who wants to add me as a friend should try the user “tamaracksglass”. More details later.

Livejournal crossposting better than ever.

A little while ago, someone fulfilled my wish for a Movable Type plugin to send my entries to Livejournal. Chip Marshall wrote the most useful plugin of this genre on his first pass, and it’s only gotten better. Lately, I’ve been rearranging my templates so that I can provide meta-data for entries about topics such as books, or format my quick link type entries different. I realized that the version of ljcrosspost I was using was not holding up well to the strain. I thought wistfully of how nice it would be to be able to control the output to lj, but put it out of my mind as I continued to break my templates left and right, as well as the myriad of other things in life that have kept me busy. Today, I decided to track down the entry for the plugin to write him a comment or e-mail and suggest the improvements. Lo and behold, Chip is miles ahead of me, as the latest version of ljcrosspost does all that and more. I happily downloaded the update and then proceeded to break my Livejournal left and right as I messed with the new features. I think I’ve gotten it back to normal now, but if you notice anything odd, let me know.

I’m baaaack!

Well, finally the box this site is hosted on is back on the ‘net. Sorry for the absence this past week, but we had to move it and had problems getting the DSL installed at the new location. As the DNS slowly propogates, things should return to normal.

Crash and Burn

I’m just breaking this left and right tonight. I tried to tweak the layout of my blog with CSS and screwed the fonts all up. Don’t ask me how. Now the Textile plugin for Blosxom won’t format the bulleted list for my last entry. Sigh, I give up.

I really really just want someone to make my site look pretty. Maybe I’ll hire someone.

Sorry for the inconvenience

My site was on the blink tonight due to us trying to figure out how suEXEC works. Sorry if anyone was trying to reach it. I think I’ve got at least that part figured out now. ;)

Broken Toy

Sadly, I had to take down the graph of posting times in the sidebar (At least, if you are viewing this page on the new server). We are unable to get the GD Perl modules to work on our new webhost, a Debian box. So I’ve given up on that particular toy.

In that vein, there are some DNS changes in the works, so things may not be quite right until everything switches over to the new server.

New Rewrite Rules

I played around with mod_rewrite rules some more and changed my site structure so that my blog uses blog.cgi and my links use links.cgi and both are in the main folder. This lets me rewrite them to just /blog/ and /links/, eliminating the “archives” portion I had in each URL before. Hope it doesn’t mess things up too badly, but seems like the plugin for Blosxom that redirects moved posts will keep up with most of this. Yay for the Blosxom community.

My site makes me yawn

My web site’s design is so boring. I’m really not very artistic and I’m out of ideas. I don’t know what colors go together and I don’t know how to add images that look good, work with CSS, and aren’t overwhelming. Blah.

Early Spring Cleaning

For those few who read my RSS feed, I have moved it to /xml/index.xml and /xml/full.xml. I was doing some neatening of my code and files last night. However, I realized this morning that this would cause problems for those who have already put the feed in their news readers, so I added a symlink in the old location for the meantime. Please update your news readers. :)

Christmas Decorations

Since I don’t have a house or my own tree, I’ve decorated my web site for the holiday. Merry Christmas and enjoy!


Well, it’s been a long night, but I have my site updated at my new host, and I even managed to implement the pseudo-template idea I’d had in mind. I used PHP variables and includes to control how the header and footer files turn out, but it’s not really templating since I still have a PHP file for each page on my site. However, it’s much easier to update, since each page is just a set of variables, an included header, the content, and the footer. For most changes, except the most drastic, I shouldn’t have to change anything but the header and footer files. I thought about doing a real templating system, but frankly, the ones out there confused me, and I don’t feel that I have the time to understand them. Dynamic pages also produce ugly URLs unless one uses something like mod_rewrite, and I definitely don’t have the time for that.

Maybe once I’m out of school (she says for the 42 millionth time).

Now it’s way past my bedtime, and I have homework to do tomorrow, so off to dreamland for me!


If you can see this, my hosting move has been successful. I am now located at BlogOMania.

E-mail subscription really set now!

Whee, e-mail is going out now! Probably not many want to read it, but it’s working!

Added a new XML file to use for the subscription service with full text entries.

E-mail subscription all set!

Thanks to Monsur over at Bloglet my entries will now be e-mailed nightly to anyone who cares to subscribe! He pointed out my silly oversight of one of the settings, so I’m now on my way.

All Clear

So, I just changed my site all around… again. I hope all the links still work. I still have some stylesheet tweaking to do, but that will have to wait, because I’m bloody tired.

Good night.


Yay, I finally got Movable Type set up! I’ll worry about the template tomorrow.

Good night.