Another reason to love Mozilla.

I just realized another advantage of using Mozilla as my default browser. AmphetaOutlines, a set of templates that organize AmphetaDesk output into a more readable form, or at least so I hope. I was unable to use it because my default browser was Opera which didn’t deal with the javascript used in the templates well at all, and I couldn’t get AmphetaDesk to use a different browser. Happily, the funky javascript does work in Mozilla.

This could be love.

I’m now in love with Mozilla, thanks to Multizilla, an add-in that gives Mozilla extra functionality. With it, Mozilla can save tabs on exit and bring them back when you open it again. This brings it to quasi-Opera functionality. My sweetie is still disappointed that it doesn’t save the history like Opera does, but in light of the advantages to me, such as allowing pop-ups I request but not advertisers’ and being able to make a sidebar module with my own links page, the lack of history is a minimal disadvantage. Throw in the fact that I can view my MT admin page in it without problems and I’m sold. The other major disadvantage is that Multizilla is tricky to install and only works with the Modern theme of Mozilla.

I do wish Moz was a little more stable. Getting Multizilla and it’s accomanying googlebox up was a bit of a challenge; I don’t recommend it for the faint of heart. I managed to crunch something in Moz that I couldn’t undo and ended up redoing the whole installation from scratch, but it seems fine now, so I just have to remember to handle it with kid gloves when trying to make modifications. ;)

Death checklist

[This guy][1] has got the right idea. I should make a list like this some day.

Yeah, right, like I’ve got the time. But it’s something to keep in mind.

[1]: “Oblivio / Road / Instructions In The Event That The Bus I’m On Suddenly Spins Out of Control and Crashes and I Die”

So very blah.

I feel so lousy. I’m tired and my head hurts. My brain feels like it’s wrapped in cotton wool. Unfortunately, I have to hand in part of a project tomorrow evening and take my guitar exam in the morning. I so do not want to do this project, and I haven’t been practicing my guitar stuff enough, so I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now. Five weeks down, seven to go. It seems like too much time and yet not enough.

Whatever deities are out there, just give me a little more strength, please. I feel so weak.

E-mail subscription really set now!

Whee, e-mail is going out now! Probably not many want to read it, but it’s working!

Added a new XML file to use for the subscription service with full text entries.


I don’t know why I’m always so worried about failing classes. It’s more intense now that the end is so near. Sure, I’m struggling with concentration, and I really have to get something accomplished with my Information Systems Design project, but this is no different from situations that I’ve been in countless times in prior terms. Every time, I worry, and every time, except once for Physics class, I pass. Yet, I continue to worry when the next time comes around again.

I will get through this, I will, I will.

E-mail subscription all set!

Thanks to Monsur over at Bloglet my entries will now be e-mailed nightly to anyone who cares to subscribe! He pointed out my silly oversight of one of the settings, so I’m now on my way.

News aggregators == bandwidth hogs?

On further thought, I think I have to agree with Mark and kasia about the subject of checking RSS feeds. I’ve upped my time limit between checks to three hours. As one of those people who always wants to know what’s going on, I was initially reluctant to take this step, but I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter quite as much as I think it does. ;)

I do wish that AmphetaDesk had an update on demand feature, for when I’m really bored and looking for something to read. Or even an update on demand feature for each feed, if I’m paying attention a hot topic.

I love Fall!

There’s something I love about every season, but

Fall is so refreshing after such a long, hot summer. The air is cool and crisp like a perfect apple. The sun shines brightly through a blue, blue sky. I can walk outside in my Birks and a long-sleeved shirt, the perfect combination of temperatures. The leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors. I know that all too soon Winter’s slush will be upon us, but right now, I can just enjoy the season. :)