Apple to post App Store Review Guidelines?! Hallelujah!

Woah, who saw this coming? Apple has changed its super-controversial stance on third party developer tools for iOS apps, now allowing any and all comers (which would obviously include Adobe Flash CS5), “as long as the resulting apps do not download any code.” Apple’s also publishing its App Store Review Guidelines at long last, which will give developers a better idea of how their apps are going to be scrutinized by Apple before they submit them.

It’s about time. I hope it comes to something useful. Any increase in App Store transparency would be no bad thing.

Whoa, new style of cap on the contact lens solution bottle. This disturbs my world view greatly.

Dropped Mom off at the airport after a long weekend. Man, this wedding stuff is exhausting.

Barenaked Ladies was awesome! Not the same without Steve’s voice, but they were wonderful!

Why must I play 20 questions to find out what your computer problem is? I’m not asking you to fix it, just describe what you’re doing!

Apple and AT&T: Behind the scenes of the soap opera with Wired

With Bad Connection: Inside the iPhone Network Meltdown, Wired Magazine takes a look at the love-hate relationship between Apple and AT&T. Well, maybe like-hate would be a better term. There’s so much here I wouldn’t even know where to begin quoting, but if you are at all interested in how we got to the current situation with the iPhone and AT&T, I suggest taking a look.

Much of this was suspected, but it’s outlined here in a way I never saw before. I think there’s plenty of mistakes made on both sides. I applaud the idea of pushing the cell phone companies out of their locked in phone software, but I wonder if maybe Apple pushed AT&T’s network farther and faster than it could feasibly go.

No, that message does not mean what you think it means!

It drives me crazy when people call me because “their account is locked” only to find out that they are looking at the typical workstation locked screen and having problems typing their password correctly. You see this screen every day, people! Workstation locked! Not your account! Try, you know, typing the same password that you typed this morning, if you can.